Sunday, December 4, 2011

Elf in the Classroom (and a FREEBIE)

Are you using the Elf on the Shelf in your classroom? If you are like me, I never thought about it until I saw pictures posted on Pinterest. Our class elf came to visit for the first time this past week and my children can not stop talking about him! He has taken over our writing assignments, reading and math studies....everything!

We were planning on using these mini marshmallows to construct 3-D shapes on Friday......our Elf found them first and had a snowball fight with them! We had marshmallows all over the bookcase and floor!

Sunny Days posted a fabulous Elf on the Shelf Resource Packet that we have been using in our classroom to record our elf happenings.

Since the elf has temporarily taken over the minds of my students I thought I should create a few more things to use in the classroom over the next week or so. Here is a creative writing assignment where students fill out a graphic organizer about their elf (their personal elf, class elf, or made-up one) and then write about it. This can be used whether you have a class elf or not. I've also included a blank bubble map so it can be tailored to fit your needs. You can click here to download all 3 handouts for free. If you like what you see please consider becoming a follower of my blog!


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  2. You're off to a fabulous start!
    I can tell this will be a place to come to again and again for great and creative ideas for all!
    Happy Blogging!
    Swamp Frog First Graders

  3. You have done a wonderful job! Congratulations. I look foward to reading more.

  4. What a beautiful blog. I love the colors that you have used and the cute little people. What a nice way to celebrate a birthday.

  5. Looks like the beginning of a GREAT blog! Good luck to you and good for you!

  6. So happy that you enjoyed my Elf on a Shelf unit! Thanks for the shout out!!
    Sunny Days In Second Grade


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