Friday, December 30, 2011

Government Unit is finished!

Phew!  I've finally finished the government unit and it is posted on TpT!  This is an exciting 44-page unit on U.S. Government! It is perfect for middle elementary school grades (2nd, 3rd, 4th) and can be adapted for higher or lower grades as well. It covers local, state, and national government.  It will be on sale through the weekend!
It includes:

-circle map for local, state, national
-local government graphic organizer
-letter to the mayor template (2 versions)
-What makes a good leader? graphic organizer
-A good leader is...writing prompt
-venn diagram comparing leaders of today and leaders of long ago
-state government graphic organizer
-template for recording information on the governor
-t-chart comparing local and state government
-national government graphic organizer
-poster for U.S. Capitol Building (Legislative Branch)
-poster for White House (Executive Branch)
-poster for U.S. Supreme Court Bldg (Judicial Branch)
-example and template pieces for a tree map art project on the 3 branches of government
-If I were President...writing prompt
-poster on showing patriotism
-Fast Facts handout on Mount Rushmore
-Fast Facts handout on the Liberty Bell
-Fast Facts handout on the Statue of Liberty
-Eagle Research Project with graphic organizer and writing prompt
-Eagle art project with example and templates
-I Have Who Has game using government vocabulary
-Government Scoot! game reviewing important information
-recommended reads and sites to visit

I am so excited about this unit and can't wait to use it in my classroom starting next Tuesday (when we return from winter break)! 

Here are some larger pictures from the unit:

The buildings, the tree template, and the eagle template were all hand drawn by my Hubby...who is now referring to himself as "Lirette Sketch."  :)

Don't forget to download your freebie from this unit here


  1. Love it! I'm your newest member!
    Stop by for a visit!

  2. I love it! This will go great with my U.S. Symbols unit that I taught last year in 3rd grade.


  3. I love this! We love to play Scoot! Thanks so much!

  4. How do you present the information that goes along with the symbols pages? Do you use certain books or websites? I purchased this unit on TPT, but don't know where my kids would get the info to fill out the statue of liberty page for instance.


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