Wednesday, January 11, 2012

AR Code Sign {Printable}

My school partakes in Accelerated Reader.  However, this year there has been a shift away from the mega points competition associated with it. {I am actually quite glad!}  I have leveled my classroom library (mostly) with the AR level on the front cover of each book, along with an organizational label for categorizing.  I chose to advertise the level of the book rather than how many points the book is worth....My kids are encouraged to choose books that interest them and that are close to their reading level.  Once they have read the story and feel very comfortable with it, they are allowed to take an AR test on the book during my daily "Enrichment/Intervention Time" (more about that in a future post!).

I do require my students to take an AR test on their story of the week from our reading series as well as their leveled reader for the week.  They have all week to complete the 5-question tests and it serves as a good assessment tool for me on how well they really grasp the week's story.

I created this chart as a reference for my students to use when quickly looking up their reading story or leveled reader to test on.  It is nothing fancy but it does the trick!  It hangs near our classroom computer area and I write the weekly test code #'s on it for those tests that I require my kids to take each week.  This majorly cuts down on the time it takes for each student to log in and locate the story quiz!

If you are interested, you can grab your own copy of this sign for free by clicking the picture.  After printing, you can laminate it, or place it in a sheet protector, and write each week's test codes on it with a dry-erase marker.

 I also conduct weekly "Mystery Meet" book studies as part of my classroom AR program.  Plus,  my reward system includes a bulletin board of beaded necklaces.  I promise to post more about these once I get some decent pictures to show you! :)


  1. how great...There are certain quizzes I want my kids to take...this would be perfect for that :)
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