Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can We Fix It? (Plus great news!!)

Hello there!

So I know we all have tricks up our sleeves for motivating our students, right?  Well, I have to pull out all the stops to get my students to pay attention to their sentences.  They love to write but aren't too thrilled about the revising and editing parts of the process.  But let me tell ya, they just love editing when I get into full-on fix it mode!

Pass no judgment.....  (------------->)

Motivation Song
{to the tune of Bob the Builder}

Learning Detectives!
Can you fix it?
Learning Detectives!
YES! We can!!

After editing our sentences, paragraphs,
writing, etc...I have my kids chant:

Did we fix it?
Yes we did!
I said... Did we fix it?
Of course, I suggest adding in your own class name.  :)

Oh, and one rule: Everyone has to really rev it up and use great enthusiasm when singing and chanting! Otherwise you might just feel completely ridiculous.....   :)

Oh the things we do for good writing.......

Classroom Freebies TooOn a completely separate note, did you hear the great news? Charity Preston has started a sequel to her wildly popular Classroom Freebies!

Introducing Classroom Freebies Too!

I am so excited to be a contributing author for this awesome site. 

Go check it out!


  1. omgosh - you are just a whole bunch of awesomeness!!
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  2. Wow! So cute! Love the tool belt. Great motivation for revising.

  3. I love it! My students love when I do silly things like dress up. Their favorite is when I talk with an accent. (That's where the acting background comes in handy in the classroom!) I'm loving your blog!

    Sally from ElementaryMatters

  4. Teachers like you are priceless! I wouldn't call that picture dorky, that's giving 110% to making an idea stick. Way to go! And congrats on being able to work with Classroom Freebies Too!
    seabear's kindergarten

  5. Tag…You're It! Just a little fun way of saying …. "I love your blog" and want to share! Come see how to play this fun blog hopping game of tag!
    Frogs in First

  6. Cute! I love props. If I had these, I would do this too!!

  7. Since I'm doing a workshop theme I have to ask where you got that great tool belt. Matter of fact you can just put it in the mail. ;-) Great activity for great minds.


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