Sunday, February 19, 2012

Picture Prompt Linky Party

My bloggy buds The Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher and Classroom Magic are co-hosting a linky party for picture prompts!  I think this is such a wonderful idea!

How many times do your kids go to the writing center and just sit there because they can't think of anything to write?  Or they have an entry in their writing journal with only the date on it?  Picture prompts stimulate them visually and ask them specific questions to guide their thinking.

Plus, we all know how difficult it is to teach inferencing, especially in the younger grades! Picture prompts really get them looking for clues to support their opinions and ideas!

Want to know the best part about this link up?  These ladies have created a Pinterest board to go along with this linky party so everyone has access to over one hundred picture prompts for free! There are already over 2000 followers of the board!  They are also planning to compile all of the picture prompts into a free ebook to share with everyone.  Love it!

Here are a few that I created this afternoon.  All of these pics belong to me, with the exception of the Antarctica ones that were taken by my best friend. {Thanks, Teresa!}

How do you use picture prompts in your classroom?


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