Monday, April 9, 2012

Songwriting & Poetry Collection {Freebie}

Hello there!!
My class had an amazing opportunity to work with an accomplished songwriter one afternoon last week.  This guy came to us from Nashville, Tennessee, where he has written many songs for some pretty well-known artists.  {He showed us his tattoo of a music staff on his arm.  He adds a music note to it for every top 10 hit he writes.  Let me tell you....there were many music notes!!}  My kids had absolutely no idea why I was so glad to meet him until he told them that he personally knew Taylor Swift.  That's right, THE Taylor Swift.  It just so happens that good ol' Taylor made a stop in our city a few months back and pretty much every girl in my class went to her concert.  {Which explained why most of them were absent or falling asleep at school the next day...}  I had to pretty much pick my kids up off the floor after that announcement.  Anyway, one of my fabulous parents arranged for him to come talk to us for Career Day.  He did way more than talk to us, he actually wrote a song with my kiddos.  They supplied the lyrics, he put them to music, and bam.  Our first official song. Let me warn you that this is not top 10 material, but my class sure is proud of their work nonetheless!!

P.S.- My kids thought it was so cool that he has a ton of autographs on his guitar by some really cool musicians.  I was so afraid they were going to either knock the man over or seriously scratch his guitar.  Believe it or not, I think he left us relatively unscathed.  The sweet guy even sent us a classroom set of guitar pics (the kind you strum with...) with his name on them.  This is something they will remember forever!

This was a fantastic lead into April's National Poetry Month.  My students learned a lot about rhymes and near rhymes from this songwriting experience.  Speaking of poetry, I wanted to share with everyone a collection of poems that I put together for my firsties during my first year of teaching.  It is nothing fancy and was pretty much the very first thing I ever shared with other educators.  The poems are not my own.  I just found them online and in books, put them into a collection and added activities to them.  For the 3 years I taught 1st grade, I used to bind the pages into a book and we would do one poem a week for the whole school year.  Most of this collection of poems can be used for a variety of grade levels.  Hopefully you can find some or all of it useful. 
Click {HERE} to download the collection of poems.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter.  I've got a lot to share this week so check back soon! :)


  1. Hi!
    What a great opportunity your kids had!
    I am one of your new followers from TBTS!

    Classroom Companion

  2. WOW! That is super cool! What a neat treat for your kids.

  3. How fun was that! I am jealous. I am a huge fan of anything Nashville, especially the music and the writers.

    Kinder Kraziness

  4. Thank you for sharing your poems. You rock!


  5. That sounds like an amazing experience for your class and their song is adorable! Did you record it by chance? I'd love to hear it to music. Thank you SO much for the amazing poetry download! I've been thinking of incorporating more poems with my class this year and it will be perfect!

    Thanks again!
    Jungle Learners

  6. Thank you! AWESOME poems. Thanks for sharing.


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