Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day crafts!

We finished up our goodies for our sweet mothers today.  Nothing too fancy, just some simple crafts.  This first one turned out so cute!  We used a poem from the internet (no known author) and created our own paper bouquets to go with it.  My kids really got into designing their own flowers.  The "poofy" fingers really made for a nice finishing touch.  I saw the idea on the web, of course!

Our whole grade level planted flowers for our moms this week too.  We used clear plastic cups as pots.  Each student designed their own paper sleeve and we slipped it in between 2 clear cups before planting the flower.

Lastly, we reviewed adjectives with A Cupcake For the Teacher's Mother's Day craft.  Adorable!

I'd love to read about your Mother's Day crafts.  Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below!


  1. How adorable!! We've been making the MOther's Day purse from Miss Kindergarten! They turned out superb!! Here is a freebie I've posted for Mother's Day as well! :0)

  2. I made that paper bouquet a couple of years ago! So cute! This year I ended up doing tissue paper decoupage baby food jars with tealights inside them. They turned out cute, too!
    Teaching With Style

  3. Hi Mary! My kiddos made Memory Pots with black and white copy paper pictures! VERY easy! Here is my link for the pics and directions if you would like to try these. We are all ready for Muffins for Moms tomorrow morning! Thanks-Yvonne

  4. I saw quite a few awesome Mother's Day projects while making my author-in-the-schools visits recently. I have several blog posts. Here's the first one:
    Here's the second:


  5. Last year we made recipe books which was a lot of work for the teachers. This year we made just a simple card with a nice note and questionnaire for mom. I took them home and wrapped them!

    Lohren Nolan

  6. I love how your ice cream cones turned out!! ;) Thanks for the shout-out!!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  7. Hey! We did something really similar! (Great minds think alike!) ;) As a part of our bouquet though we made one of them a sunflower and put real sunflower seeds in the middle of the flower for Moms to plant. They also wrote on the petals all of the things they loved about their Moms. So cute! Check out the link if your interested :)

    -Shae :)

  8. Anyone would be thrilled to receive it...How you organize the gifts
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  9. We make a very sweet Mother's Day project that receives lots of positive feedback! Trace the student's hand in clay and fold the fingers so they look like they are holding flowers. Bake and then glue in a small bouquet of straw flowers. I have instructions on my blog. There's even a cheesy little poem to go with it! After it has been wrapped in bubble wrap, place in a little purse made out of colored paper bags!

  10. My grandchildren made these for their mother's birthday. Cute, cute.
    We had all the supplies to complete the project.

  11. We used a poem from the internet (no known author) and created our own paper bouquets to go with it. My kids really got into designing their own flowers.


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