Monday, June 11, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray! 15 Days of K! - Day 11

Thank you so much Mary for having me at your place in celebration of your return to Kindergarten. What a magical year to teach! Everything is special and important to a kindergartener.....from learning to tie shoelaces, to loosing teeth, and going to big kid school - kindergarten certainly is a super special time in a child's life!

And, what's the most important event to a kindergartener? .....even more exciting than Christmas (although Christmas is a close second).......Yup - their birthday (I can hear all you K teachers screaming that now - Duhhhh....:0)

Of course, their birthdays are the most special day of their lives....I mean they've only had 5 or 6 of them! So, it's the duty of every good K teacher to make that day special for them (I know add it to our ever-growing list)......

So, for my post today, I thought I'd bring you some fun birthday celebration ideas with a couple of freebies thrown in. Does anyone here like freebies?....ok girls - it's not Black Friday at Walmart....there's enough for all :0) Ok, so I'll get started!

One of the things that I do each year is give my birthday kiddos a birthday card, pencil, sticker, and crown. I'm not super big into treasure boxes so I keep my "presents" low key. I want to keep the focus on the fact that they are a year older and it's their special day - not on getting something.

At the beginning of each year as soon as I get a class list one of the things I do to help myself during the school year is to "pre-make" all birthday cards. I staple a birthday card - all made out and ready to go-- and sticker together. Then I hole-punch the top and bottom of the card and slide a fancy birthday pencil through. I keep all the cards in a convenient place  so I never have to give much thought to birthday preparations. With all we have to keep up with - it's so nice knowing that Johnny's birthday card is all ready!

On the day of the special birthday, I hang a paper crown like this in our doorway. This alerts all the kiddos that someone has a special day today! They get so excited! Sometimes they know who's birthday it is and sometimes it's a surprise! The fun thing about birthday celebrations in K is that ALL the kids are excited!! It makes no difference if it's their birthday or not! :0)

Our morning message announces who the birthday child is and during Calendar time he/she gets to be the "teacher" and help lead us through our calendar routine. Not only does the birthday child love this, but the other kids seems to really enjoy this ritual too. We place the birthday child on our birthday calendar. He/she chooses which color to type his/her name in. Then, it's time to sing, Happy Birthday.  We all sing a special version of Happy Birthday to the birthday child. I have included a FREEBIE for you if you like!

                             CLICK HERE for your FREEBIE!

I have a bucket of "birthday" books that we only touch on birthdays. So, the birthday child gets to choose the "birthday" book we read. Here are some that are in my "birthday" stash:

During Writer's Workshop, we begin work on THE GIFT BOOK. This is also a FREE download for you here!

               CLICK HERE or click the picture to grab it!

This FREEBIE contains 6 different cover pages your birthday child can choose from and write his/her name on the line. Then the rest of the kiddos get to work creating a "gift" page to include in the book. The "gift" page has a little peek-a-boo window that reveals the "gift" each child has chosen to "give" the birthday child. Combine all the "gift" pages with the chosen cover and....Wa-la!!

This is a great keepsake and a wonderful way to top off a very special day!!

How do you celebrate your students' birthdays?

**Thank you once again to Mary for allowing me to post about how I celebrate birthdays in the classroom. I hope you enjoyed it and/or found something new to do with your crew.....

I have a matching word wall game that I also play with my birthday child during guided reading over on my blog today (Kindergarten Lifestyle).....and it's FREE - hop on over to grab it as well! :0)

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  1. oh my goodness!! I just love everything about this post!! Totally copying you!!

    Kindergarten Smiles

  2. Wow, I feel like a bad teacher! I don't do ANY of this. Perhaps I will and should. Thanks for the ideas.!

    Sharing Kindergarten

  3. What great ideas! I love how you realize how important birthdays really are to our kinderkiddos. I think we adults can sometimes forget! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Jeannie, you create the most wonderful keepsakes of your kindies. This is so wonderful for all primary grades.
    LMN Tree

  5. Thank you for the warm welcoming :0)

    My routine really grew out of getting tired of fighting the whole "It's my birthday" all day long! I figured if I couldn't beat "It's my birthday" I might as well embrace then it's on my own terms! I started it to be special for the birthday child, but later discovered that ALL my students enjoy birthday days whether it's their birthday or not! Now, they are days to look forward to...for the kids and me! I know I'm not losing instruction and it's special! What are great combo!

    Kindergarten Lifestyle

  6. As always, a top notch post Jeannie! Love how you celebrate such a huge event in a child's life.
    A Differentiated Kindergarten

  7. Love this post. Thanks for sharing.


  8. My birthday is pretty important to me too and I am way older than a kindergartener. I love your blog. I also teach in TN and have a blog. I am your newest follower.


  9. I really love the birthday books idea!! Totally stealing it! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  10. hello! just wondering what you do for all the summer birthdays!

  11. Thank you so much for these ideas! I had forgotten how important this day was to my kinders, but now I'll be totally changing up how I celebrate birthdays too!

    Two questions:
    1) How do you celebrate your summer birthdays? I struggled with that. Do you do half birthdays?
    2) What tune is the birthday song sung to? The original tune or something else?

    Thanks so much!!!

  12. Great ideas! :) I am your newest follower - love your blog!


    Kindergarten is the Best

  13. Very cute! I do something similar but yours is MUCH cuter! I started the year off where they filled in the blanks and now they do all the writing themselves. I love the idea of birthday books! I am totally going to get that together for next year.

    Thank you for the share!

  14. I celebrate summer birthdays during the last week of school. I know some teachers do half-birthdays but I personally don't like it because 5 year old get confused about when their birthday is when we do that.... So I opt to "celebrate" summer birthdays during that last week of school. It's closer to their actual birthday and it makes that last week just that much more fun!

    As far as the tune for the birthday song - it's hard to describe but if you've ever heard a fast-paced birthday song from restaurants like Chili's or Shoney's - it's just like that.....


  15. so you do all the summer birthdays one day? or have a different child each day?
    this is such a great thing, i love it

  16. Thanks so much for sharing the book idea. Kids want to do something special. Perfect!


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