Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray! 15 Days of K! - Day 13

I know that Kindergarten is the BEST grade in the world.
I know that Kindergarten is a completely different world than any other grade level. You simple can not do things the exact same way that other grades do because it will not work.

To teach Kindergarten is to work so hard, give everything you have everyday, and to be loved so much.
I am so excited that another Mary gets to join the amazing world of Kindergarten teachers!

The idea I want to share with you is all about sight words!
My team uses these Dolch sight words books with 11 lists on them.
Each list has 20 sight words on it.
I do not know who made it, so sorry.

I send home a copy and keep another copy of the booklet for each child. I keep all my copies of each students sight word booklet in a basket with every color marker you can think of.
I also have index cards to make sight word flash cards if needed and stickers for fun!
 I use a different color marker each time I check off students. Then, I date and count up the number on the front of the booklet. Instant data.
Here is actual pictures of my booklets from this past year.

I like to see how, when, and where each student is making progress. If they are only learning a word or two a week, I know they need more exposure to sight words. If they are learning TONS of words, I know they need a greater challenge.

The best part of this system is... I can help each student set a good sight word goal for sight word celebrations.( More on that later!)

This year my county is moving towards Fry words instead of Dolch. I made a new sight word list for these words.

I followed the Fry lists... the one I had had the first 100, second 100 and third 100.
I made sure the first few lists covered color words, number words, and those easy words we start with {I, a, go, see, can}.
Here is the link to get your FREE book! 

What sight word list do you use?

Need to revisit Day 1-12? Click on the picture below.
 Stop back by tomorrow for Day 14 of our 15 Days of K Celebration!


  1. This is a great idea. Your kinders must be great readers. I've always used the Dolch sight word list but I'm looking forward to seeing the Fry list. Thanks so much for sharing!!
    LMN Tree

  2. Thanks so much!!!!

  3. Thank you! We use the dolch list and each child has a set of sight words on a ring. We give them no more than 10 to be working on and then they have another ring that are the words they know (after they have recognized the word 5 times). Everyone moves at their own pace and it's easy to see where everyone is at any given time.

  4. I am a title I teacher for kinder kiddos. Our school teaches the sight words from our reading series and there are not very many words on the list for each grade. Many of our kinders struggle to learn just the small list of K words, and the kids I work with were still having trouble at the end of the year with the easiest words. How do your kinders do on learning all of the words you have? It seems like quite a bit to learn.

    1. Hi Lee Ann. I also teach at a Title 1 school. We do not have a reading series, but teach sight words according to phonics lessons. This will be our first year doing the Fry List. This past year, I had 18 students. 11 of them learned all 220 Dolch Sight Words, 4 knew over 180, 1 know over 100, and the other two were not ready at all. I teach and work with them a lot on words, but most importantly... we PLAY tons of sight word games. We make it so much fun and a huge game. We celebrate often. Head to my blog to see my post today on Sight Word Parties as well. Hope this helps some.
      Sharing Kindergarten

  5. I use the Teachers College List by Lucy Calkins. I have used both Dolch and Fry and I like her list because the words seems to follow along well with Fountas and Pinnell text levels. I have a free list of her set of words also if anyone is interested:)
    Lucy Calkins sight word list
    JD's Rockin' Readers

    1. I would love to get a list of Lucy Calkin's sight word list?! Would you send them to or send me a link. I really appreciate it.

  6. I teach Kindergartners their sight words using the Fry word list, but I begin with color words. Then, they work on number words. After they get the 20 words on a word list. After list three I give them the 12 words needed to complete the preprimer list. After list 5 I give them the few words needed to complete the primer list. I also use music from Heidi Songs. They are easy to learn, spell out the word, and are available in print to highlight words.


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