Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daily 5: Ch. 5 Reflections {FREEBIES}

I know, I know...I'm hooking up super late for this one!  I figured better late than never, right?
This chapter was co-hosted by my friends Mary from Sharing Kindergarten and Marsha from A Differentiated Kindergarten.  They did a wonderful job so make sure you visit their posts as well!

Here are a few thoughts from this chapter:

First of all, I LOVE partner reading!  I call this "Buddy Reading" during my daily literacy block.  We also "Buddy Up!" outside of this time for other shared reading activities.  I love to match my students up with a class of older students (or younger students when I taught 2nd grade) for partner reading practice.

I do encourage EEKK reading (elbow to elbow, knee to knee) but do not require it as long as the reading buddies are close enough and on task.  I have several places around the room that work well for partner reading: bean bags, cozy carpet spaces, "Pair Chairs," my "Book Nook" hut, and a "Buddy Bench."  As you can see...I like to name my special areas.  :)

Here is an EEKK reminder sign I plan to display in one or more of my reading areas along with my 3 Ways to Read a Book sign.  You can click on the pictures to download each sign.

You know the check for understanding wooden check marks that are mentioned in ch. 5?  I decided I want my students to be able to hold a wooden check mark too (to help them remember to check for understanding while their partner is reading).  After I asked the hubs to make me some...and he explained that it would require a tool that he does not have but would be willing to get (another tool??) I did a little research and found some cheap ones online here.  The largest size costs .75.  Shipping and handling is the biggest expense but I went ahead and ordered some.  I plan to paint them when they arrive and write "I can check for understanding!" on them.

Listening Lane is one of my students' favorite literacy stations.  They have several choice ways to listen to reading.  I have a CD player with 2 baskets full of books on CD.  I have a mixture of purchased CDs and ones I have recorded myself.  Here are a few you'll find in my room:

I also encourage my students to listen to reading on the computer.

Here are a few sites I have bookmarked for this purpose:

I was fortunate enough to receive several Leap Lad learning systems for my room a few years ago.  These are also available for my students to use during the listening component of our literacy stations.  I keep all the materials inside of the backpacks the kit came with.  That way, a child can pull a backpack off the shelf and have the pad, headphones, and a few book choices all in one location.
I'll be back in a few days to catch up with Ch. 6!


  1. Loved reading about your stations! Now tell me, Mary, where do you teach? I see a Miss State t-shirt!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

    1. Haha Laura! I teach in Memphis, Tennessee. Miss State is definitely popular around here though... :)

  2. You are wonderful and I am so glad that i found you!! Thanks for your generosity and your great ideas! Amy :)

  3. Thank you for the freebies! Is it possible to get the 2 Daily 5 charts in Spanish? I would be willing to translate! Thank you!

  4. Thanks for this. I am going to try to implement Daily 5 in my classroom of 2nd graders this year. My only struggle is that our day is broken down for us. I am told when to teach which content area and for how long so I don't have the flexibility to do all 5 in a day. I have a 45 minute block that I could do this in. Any suggestions?

    Lorri Vaccaro


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