Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Transition Music- Finally Done! (GIVEAWAY!)

I had such a tremendous response from my transition music post from last January!  Thank you SO much to everyone that has commented, e-mailed, pinned, etc.  Ya'll are awesome!  I really appreciate everyone being so patient with me while I worked out the kinks with sharing the file.  I ended up re-doing the images (my sweet hubby helped me create clipart for the buttons) and made several different colored templates.

I created the templates in a PowerPoint presentation so that you do not have to have an interactive whiteboard to use them!  Of course, if you have access to an interactive whiteboard, you can use it there as well! There are 12 templates plus 12 editable text templates.  Directions are included for adding text and linking sound clips.  Because of copyright violations, I could not link the sound clips up for you....but I did include step by step instructions on how to link up your own clips as well as where to download your own clips for free.  :)

Do you use music to signal transitions in your classroom? I LOVE doing this because it is a great way to incorporate nonverbal cues into your routine.  This usually becomes so automatic in my room that the kids respond to the different sound clips without me saying a word.  It is one of my favorite classroom management strategies! I use music to signal clean up time, line up time, moving to the next location, carpet time, "think, pair, share" time, etc.  The kids absolutely love it and it makes life much easier for me!  If you want to read more about how I incorporate it, and how I use a daily class D.J., you can check out my previous post {HERE}.

If you are interested in checking out my templates, I've posted the set in my store for $3.00.  Click on the pic!  I'm giving away 3 copies so make sure to enter using the Rafflecopter below!

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I'm hooking up with Blog Hoppin' today for Technology Tip Tuesday!  Hop on over.  :)


  1. Here's my link on my FB page. Sorry I accidently hit enter.


  2. This sounds like the greatest idea!!! I am so excited about it :-) I hope I win!

  3. Thanks for the opportunity! I am returning to the classroom after a 7 year hiatus. This would be a wonderful tool to have in my P-1 classroom!

  4. LOVE this! I saw you post about this on facebook 2 nights ago and then I couldn't remember who had done it. I had my friend who is a blog stalker (like me!) look for it and she found you again for me! Yay!

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