Monday, November 5, 2012

Bats, Spiders, Pumpkins...Recap!

Phew!  I feel like I've been in a whirlwind this last week.  I managed to cover bats, spiders, and pumpkins all before Wednesday's "Fall" Party on are a few pictures:
This was my second year painting these awesome bat scenes!  I first saw the idea on Pinterest and then figured out it was originally from the talented Reagan Tunstall's Stellaluna Book Study!  I let my kids free-paint orange, yellow, and black tempera paint rather than using watercolors.  This year we used foam bats from the Target dollar spot rather than bat cut-outs.  Super easy!  We completed a circle map on bats to display with our paintings.  Here is a close up: {Can you read the writing?}
Reagan has some graphic organizers and writing prompts to go with the activity in her pack.  Love it! :)

Moving on to spiders....have you ever had spider soup?  This was a first for me this year.  Unfortunately, my kiddos didn't really buy into it....I guess they know I would never really feed them spiders.  :)  It is really just chicken noodle soup, ramen noodles, and a fake spider on top before serving.

We did really get into our noodle spider web masterpieces.  We mixed glue and glitter with cooked noodles and then sequenced the steps to web making.  It was hilarious watching my kinders dig around in the gooey noodles.  I was shocked by just how many kiddos did NOT like to get messy!

We made these cutesy spider word families from T.G.I.F. too! It's a FREE download s grab yours {here}.  I love the 8 eyes. :)

Of course it wouldn't be October without some pumpkin activities!  We had tons of pumpkin fun throughout the month like pumpkin math, pumpkin experimenting, pumpkin painting, etc.  I won't bore you with a bunch of orange pictures....instead I'll tell you about one of my favorite pumpkin products!  I absolutely loved Miss Kindergarten's Pumpkin Graphs and Glyphs!  You can see our glyph jack-o-lanterns displayed along with our bats and spiders.  Loads of fun! :)

On to Pilgrims and Native Americans.....


  1. Love it! I get so excited to see my crafts in other teacher's classrooms :) Thanks for sharing!!

    1. My kids really got a kick out of the different mouths on the glyph! :) Love it!

  2. WOW you are such a FUN teacher! I just love it all!!!! Thanks for the shout out!

  3. Your bats on the painted backgrounds are beautiful! What a great idea to use foam bats. I wish I had seen those in the dollar spot. :)

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