Saturday, December 29, 2012

Introducing a New....Collaborative Pinboard!

Hi everyone!  I hope you have been enjoying your holidays.  I've been taking some much needed family time and am now ready to dive back in to teaching, creating, and blogging.  My plan is to park myself on the couch and finish up all of these packets that I've started over the last 2 months!  That way I will feel prepared to go back to school next week.  :)

On my breaks you will probably find me pinning away on the new KinderLand Collaborative pinboard!  There are some FANTASTIC contributors on this board so you will want to make sure you are following!  It has only been up a few hours and is already bursting with great things!

Click on the image to head there now.  Don't forget to click "follow" at the top of the board to make sure the pins appear on your own Pinterest page.

I've been busy pinning to my "All Things January & February" board as well.  You can check out my Pinterest page {here}.

I must go get back soon!


  1. So great! Do you know who the administrator of the board is? As a kindergarten teacher, I would love to be able to contribute. Thanks!



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