Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Little Belated Leprechaun Love

I realize that all of the excitement of St. Patty's Day is over for this year... I am just now getting the chance to post about it.  Sorry about that!  With St. Patrick's Day falling on a Sunday this year, we had to have a little leprechaun fun right before spring break and when we returned to school on the 18th.  Here's a recap for you.

Before the break we spent a few days planning and creating our traps.  I let my kids run this completely on their own.  I gave them access to recycled materials we had been collecting as well as all of the usual art supplies and told them to have at it.  I am always amazed at the strategic thinking that goes on!  I should also tell you that during our leprechaun making my room was so stinkin' quiet! It was a little eery.  Eery but enjoyable!
They really got into designing traps with twists and turns.  A few of them even decided to entice the leprechauns with gold coins and cozy interiors.  :)
When we returned to school we found that some of our traps were missing (what???) but we think that is because the leprechauns liked them so much they took the traps with them.  We did find the rest of the traps in one huge heap.  It looked as if those pesky leprechauns created their own amusement park ride with all of those tunnels in the remaining traps.  We even found footprints on the traps along with green and gold leprechaun dust!
We used gold coins as manipulatives to help us play a couple of math games that I created last year.  Click {here} to read that post and grab both games for free.
Last year's leprechauns with my 2nd graders turned out so cute I decided to make them again with this year's kinders.  We combined A Cupcake for the Teacher's leapin leprechaun craft with The Teacher Wife's free Worth More Than Gold writing prompt.
And look what this sweet pea wrote!  Melt my heart.
{I think that Mrs. Lirette is "specialer" than a pot of gold.}

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