Monday, June 10, 2013

It Really Works!

First of all I need to begin by confessing that I have been using this pencil sharpener all year....and am just now posting about it.  The fact that I'm writing about it months after I received it for a review should tell you that (I'm obviously a horrible procrastinator) I love this thing immensly!

I keep my extra pencils for small group in a straw dispenser on my guided reading table.  Here's a rather embarrassing picture of last month's stock of pencils:

Gross, right?  I ditched the whole lot and started fresh.    
(I usually have to do this once a month or so.)  I used to spend half an hour huddled over my classroom pencil sharpener to get all of the pencils nice and sharp.  Ugh. But check this out:

In half the time I have perfectly sharpened pencils that ended up nice and sharp the first time!  None of that breaking the tip stuff to try again like I used to have to do.  :)

Here's what I love about this thing:
1) It is really quiet!
2) It is small so you can move it around as needed and put it pretty much anywhere!
3) It gives the sharpest points I have ever seen on a pencil!
4) It was created by a teacher for teachers!

Here's another confession.  I have always been the type of teacher who prefers to sharpen all of the pencils myself.  I have a hard time letting the kiddos use my sharpeners...they end up broken!  I did use this new sharpener exclusively until about 2 months ago when I finally relinquished control and allowed my kids to use it.  Guess what?  The kids loved it too and it still works! :)

Thanks to Troy, the owner of Classroom Friendly Supplies, for sending me this pencil sharpener to review (and for waiting patiently for me to post about it- so sorry!)

If you haven't checked it out yet I highly recommend it!  You can learn more about it, watch videos, and order your own at!

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