Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Teacher Tips!

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I keep waiting for the moment when I will feel totally prepared for the beginning of the year.  I don't think that is ever going to really happen.  I'm sure teachers that have been teaching for.e.ver will tell you that they still get anxious at the beginning of the year!  It seems like we are alway wanting to rework something or implement something new.

I'm one of those teachers that plans all year round (no, I am not at a year-round school) and I am always looking for a better, more efficient way of organizing or teaching something.  Have you seen my Pinterest boards?  I'm pinning ideas constantly to them!  I am definitely no expert when it comes to setting up a classroom or creating classroom routines but I do have a few words of wisdom when it comes to classroom success.

1. Let your students interact with each other!

An old professor once told me that a noisy classroom was a sign of an excellent learning environment.  It took a little while for me to understand this but I totally get it now.  My room is definitely alive.  At any point during the day you can walk in and see children engaged.  Of course, you have to have some down time, but my kids spend a lot of time collaborating and working in groups.  Give them a task and let them talk it out.   It is amazing how much they can learn from each other!

2. Play some tunes!  

I LOVE using music for everything.  My kids will tell you that I sing constantly.  Truth be told, I'm not a very good singer.  My kids think I have a lovely voice, though, and it sure gets their attention! I like to make up my own little jingles that fit whatever is happening at the moment.

Here's what we use for transition music:
You can view my previous post {here} for details on this and the songs I use.

Here is my favorite "let's get motivated" CD:
{Click to view on Amazon}

3. Relate it to real life!

I know this is nothing new but I have found that my kids always get a better understanding of whatever it is I am teaching when I relate it to them and real life.  I love to use realistic images and videos to teach concepts.

Here is what I use for my alphabet that is posted above my board.  There are so many cutesy patterns these days that really tempt me {hello! chevron!} but I'm sticking with my environment print because my students really connect to it.

Click {here} for a previous post with freebies.

Not only is this a Common Core skill but it makes learning shapes fun! :)

Grab a free activity in the preview file {here}!

I hope these 3 little tips were helpful to someone.  :)



  1. I LOVE using music in the classroom! I too sing all the time. My favorite is our "Good Morning" song for coming to the carpet for morning meeting.

  2. I just realized I bought your music template at one of the big TpT sales, and never did anything with it. I need to put that on my summer to do list :)

  3. I keep hearing about Jack Johnson's CD's. I own a ton of CD's but it looks like I need to get another one. Love the environmental print.

  4. I love Jack Johnson! I'm a first time kindergarten teacher and I can't wait to use music in my classroom.

    Cheers To School


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