Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday With a Little Decomposing! {FREEBIE}

Happy 4th to everyone!!  I hope you have had a chance to do a little Facebook hoppin' and were pleased with the 42 freebies you picked up along the way!  The freebies will be posted through tonight so get to hopping if you haven't already! You can start at my FB page here and look for the tab under the picture collage at the top to start the hop.

I'm linking up with sweet Cara Carroll of The First Grade Parade today to bring back one of my posts from last fall.  It is short and sweet.  I hope you enjoy this Throwback Thursday! :)

Originally posted October 4, 2012

Anyone teaching decomposing numbers this week?  We've decomposed our little hearts out over the last few days and it was time for a little "show what you know" time so I whipped up a little practice booklet for us.
We used paint dot markers (bingo daubers) to color in our dots as we decomposed.  However, if you have students who tend to get a little paint dot happy.....or if you have issues with a little paint bleeding through...I would suggest having the kids color in the dots instead.  We will be doing this booklet for a 2nd time tomorrow as an assessment.  My kids will be using crayons instead of paint dots for round 2! :)

If you would like a copy of the decomposing booklet, click {here} or the image below to download for FREE.  The booklet covers decomposing numbers 3, 4 and 5 using 1-5.
I'd appreciate your feedback in the comments section below if you decide to download!
Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives
Common Core (CCSS) K.0A.3
*Just a note:  When you look at the book it will look like 3 and 5 are in the wrong order.  Once you print the pages front to back and assemble the book, everything will be in the correct spot!


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  2. Thank you for sharing:))

  3. Thanks for the book! I like it.

  4. Thank you! Looks great and I can't wait to use it!

  5. On your decomposing numbers you switched 5 and 3

    1. 3 and 5 are swapped on purpose so that when you print the pages back to back it will be in the correct order. :)

  6. This is great! I love that you've printed the addition problems next to the dots....that took up most of our time and confused a lot of kids (until later in the year).


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