Friday, August 30, 2013

FREE Nut Allergy Signs

This year I have 2 students in my room that both have severe nut allergies.  I have had to re-train myself to look at the labels for EVERYTHING, monitor who sits by who during lunch, wash hands religiously before and after eating, and wipe tables like a mad women after snack.  I'd love to share some signs with you that I made to help make others aware when they enter my room.  I have this hanging right by my classroom entrance.
I made 4 different versions in case you can use it too!

You can download these posters {here} for free.

Hopefully no one will have a reaction this year in my room or yours! (or anyone else's for that matter!) Scary. Scary. Scary.


  1. I love your posters. Both my husband and son have nut (all kinds) allergies! It is so scary! They both have epi pens and are super careful!!

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  2. This IS scary. I just read a story in FB about a girl who didn't survive a nut allergy attack - yikes! I haven't had any one with this allergy in my class. I did have someone last year with a gluten allergy, but that was more what she actually ate, so wasn't as difficult to contain.

  3. Becoming a topic of discussion in many schools!

  4. Becoming a topic of discussion in many schools!

  5. Just printed it out! Thank you!!! I have 4 students with nut allergies!!! It makes me PARANOID!

  6. Our kindergarten building has 2 students with severe nut allergies. I printed the posters and posted them outside and inside my classroom (Thank you very much!), but my principal would like for us to have a poster printed to put on the door to our building. Would it be possible for you to edit the wording for me to "our building" so I can do this? I tried to create my own but could not come up with one as nice as yours.

    1. Of course! I am already in bed for the night but will send it to you tomorrow!

  7. As a mother of a child with a nut allergy and as a teacher, I really appreciate the care that you are taking with your students! I would definitely rest easier if my son (who just started Kindergarten this year) were in your class!


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