Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mission: Math!! {Sale time too!}

A friend of mine asked for a math journal and I'm embarrassed to say I have had one in the works for a year now and just haven't had the time to finalize it and share it with everyone!  Thanks, Andrea, for encouraging me to kick it in high gear this week and get this sweet thing DONE!

I now present to you.....

It is meant to be a mix between math tasks and math journal prompts that you can use as a supplement to your math curriculum.  I've been using labels for years to help the flow of my math block and I love how you can differentiate them and leave them open ended for the kiddos too.  The math task portions of this pack get your students thinking with a mixture of manipulatives like counters, cubes, pattern blocks, etc.  They get to use their fingers and their brains to solve away.

Did I mention that all the Common Core Math Standards are addressed in this?  Yep.  I hit on them all and organized them according to the math domains.  Therefore, the labels are not meant to be sequential. You can skip around or work within whatever area of math you need to!

There are 135 total so I figure that gives us several a week for the entire school year! :)

You can click on the image above to read more about this pack or get it {here}.  It will be on sale through Monday as part of the TpT Back to School Sale- see below!

Thanks to Krista for the button!

I feel like I've already been in school for ages though in reality it has just been a few weeks.  I have SO been looking forward to this sale and can't wait to move most of those must-haves out of my wishlist and into my cart!

Here is how it works:
My entire store will be on sale for 20% off!  At checkout, use code: BTS13 to save an additional 10% equally a total of 28% off everything!!  Now is the time to stock up while you can! :)

Here are a few things you might be interested in when planning for back to school:



Of course EVERYTHING in my store is on sale this weekend!
Happy shopping!

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