Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chicka Chicka....Boom Boom

Oh how I love Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

I got into character for the reading of the story (note the pre-planned green top and brown bottoms...along with my palm tree glasses and green feather boa).  Afterwards, I let the kids take turns decorating me with alphabet stickers.  Every year the kids get quite the kick out of covering me from head to toe with stickers.  Funny thing is, I get a kick out of it too because I get to do a little assessing to see who knows their letters and who doesn't!
If you read my blog, I'm sure you know from last week's post about my students with severe allergies this year.  I had to scrap my usual coconut exploration/tasting but was still able to incorporate our edible trees.  Praise the Lord because I look forward to making this easy snack every year!  I modified a few things to make sure none of the ingredients were manufactured with or around any type of nut.  Honestly, I think I liked this version better!
 Easy peasy.  We used graham crackers for the trunk, pre-sliced and packaged apple slices for the leaves, Whopper candy for the coconuts and cheese "Scrabble" crackers for the retelling of the story.  Simple, safe, and scrumptious.  :)

Just because....here's a picture from last year's fun:

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