Sunday, September 15, 2013

Letter Tt Craft Freebie & Peek at my Week! (Visual Plans)

Last week was super busy!  I promise to post pictures of all our letter Mm excitement in the next day or so.  :)

For this week we will be learning about trucks and machines that help us, letter Tt, numbers 0-5, and living and non-living things.  Take a peek at my week below but first I want to share a little craft I made to go along with our reading story and letter this week.

My husband helped me figure out how to create a tractor out of the letter t.  He even made the steering wheel t-shaped (isn't he clever?).  Download a copy for your class by clicking one of the pictures above.
Between our Moose and Muffins and Mickey and Minnie Day we didn't really get to our poetry, reader's workshop, and writer's workshop the way I had planned.  I'm re-using some of that again this week so I can cover those things more thoroughly.  We have parent conferences on Thursday evening and an in-service day on Friday so it is going to be a jam-packed 4 day week.  Click on the images to see my visual plans in a Googledoc.  Make sure and download the file if you are interested in making the links hyperactive (where they will lead you to where you can get your own copy).
Have a great week!


  1. Ooh, I loved happening across my own creations! Thank you so much, Mary!!! :)
    Heidi Butkus

  2. Super clever picture! and idea! Both of you!! What a team!! :)

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