Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dicy McCullough's Books- Loved that Lesson! (Freebie too!}

This spring I had the privilege of opening up my mailbox to find a sweet note from Dicy McCullough and a set of her "I'm Tired" books.  This was actually perfect timing because my little learning detectives were in the final weeks of school…and were definitely tired of everything!
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Confession.  I do not usually read 5 books back to back in the same sitting.  However, I started out with  Tired of School and my students immediately fell in love with John Allen and the dogs.  Is Molly the dog's red bow not the cutest?  My kids begged for me to read all of these books to them, one right after the other!  They loved the friendly rhythm and rhyme.  They could relate to the subject matter and the characters.  Their favorite part?  The last pages of each book that include thoughts from other children around their age.  It always amazes me when kindergartners see a familiar name and they assume it is that person they know with the same name…."My sister's name is Emma!"…."That's your name!  Did you say that too?"  :)

Imagine my kiddos' surprise when I pulled up the "quiz" on the Promethean board.  There are games and activities for each story on

As a teacher reading these stories for the first time, my mind was racing with thoughts of incorporating each of these books into character building lessons throughout the school year.  Tired of Being a Bully is perfect to read along with Bully Beans or Recess Queen.  Tired of Being Different will fit in nicely with an All About Me unit at the beginning of the school year.

Here are some writing prompts to go along with this story.  Click on the images or {here} to download the boy and girl version.

I am very grateful to Dicy for introducing me to her stories.  I hope there are many more to come.  Thank you!

I'm linking up with Fourth Grade Studio in hopes that others will find these books perfect for the classroom too.  Click on the image to find more lessons to explore from other bloggers.

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  1. So glad that you could link up this month! Those books look just adorable!

  2. Mrs. Lirette, Thank you for sharing my "Tired Books" on your blog. I'm so glad your students loved them and enjoyed playing the games on my website. Please let me know of any lessons you incorporate into your classroom, as I'm always looking for new ideas. Thanks again, Dicy

  3. Those books look great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mary, These look adorable. Thanks for sharing :)
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