Thursday, July 10, 2014

Daily 5 and Math Maps

Our 2nd grade is becoming departmentalized this year and my sweet friends asked me if I would make a math version of my literacy maps for their grade level.  Of course!  I'm so excited to share them with everyone!  I like these so much I think I will throw out my kinder math maps from the last few years and use these new ones instead.  They will work with any elementary grade level.  :)

{Click the image to read more info and to grab them in my TpT store!}


  1. The visuals are inviting and not boring to look and use.Children are drawn to anything colorful. Maybe that concept can expounded. Color should not only be through books but rather the entire learning environment as well. - Layce of

  2. Hi, I'm looking for your 4 pocket writing folder idea. I used this idea last year and it was WONDERFUL!!! I wanted to print out the labels again for this year's class but can not find it anywhere. If you could give me a hint where to find it I would really appreciate it! Thanks for all the great ideas.
    (my email address is: if you need it, THANKS!!)

    1. You can find them here:
      I'm so glad you like them! :)


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