Sunday, August 17, 2014

Welcome to Kindergarten! FREE Color Sheet

I survived my first full week back with kids and I have to tell you...I am exhausted BUT I have the sweetest class!  I am attempting to recoop this weekend and have seriously done nothing but sleep and read (started Divergent finally!).  Oh and the hubs bought me doughnuts!  I plan on taking pictures this week of my room so I will post them soon.  For now I wanted to share with you a color sheet I had my kinders work on last Monday as Moms and Dads were saying their goodbyes.  I wanted to give my class something to keep them occupied but nothing too difficult.  There are 6 different versions (same kids but different teacher).  I made one for each of my teammies so you see their names in the pictures below but not on the download.   I left space above the teacher's head so you can write in your name if you'd like after you print it.  Hope you can use it! :)

 Click {HERE} to download.

 Thank you to Nikki at Melonheadz for the super cute kidlettes and teacher pieces.  :)