Sunday, January 4, 2015

Morning Messages for January! :) of my FAVORITE parts of the day is our morning message time!  (It's my kids' favorite too!) I'm in the process of creating Meaningful Morning Messages for each month of the year.  I use an old overhead projector to project the messages on to my white board so that my students can write directly on the board each morning.  It's easy for me....I just pick a transparency and place it on the projector...and it is easy for my kids to write on and wipe off.  Do you have to use an overhead?  Absolutely not! I do because it works for me in my classroom space.  You could also project them on a Smartboard, with a document camera, print and laminate them, etc. 

January's messages are finished and ready for my kiddos' return to school on Tuesday.  Here are a few pictures from this month's pack.

There are 32 messages in all for January.  You can read a description of all the skills that are covered this month {here}.  There are 4 different versions included: 2 color versions and 2 black and white versions with 2 different greeting styles.

It's on SALE through Tuesday morning.  Happy New Year to everyone!  :)

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