Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter Roll and Record {FREE}

I feel like I am constantly drilling sight words.  It is never ending!  Please tell me I am not alone on this....  I have introduced this simple roll and record this week for practice during word work.  My hope was that the winter theme might make the cold temperatures (and lack of snow) a little more bearable.

 The above pictures were taken before I had a chance to add the recording sheet.  We improvised and used dry erase boards to record the words.

Click on the cover image or {here} to grab your copy for free.  I pre-programmed some cards with a few sight words we are currently working on but added some blank cards as well.  Of course, you do not have to use this for sight words.  You could use the dice to review numbers, shapes, blending letters, etc.  I hope this is something you can use. ;)

I use the clear photo stacking dice but you can use any clear pocket dice.  Here are a few links if you are in need of some:

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  1. I LOVE using those big dice and so did my kiddos! Cute freebie!!


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