Saturday, March 28, 2015

An Egg Hunt With a Math Twist! {Freebie!}

One of my favorite kindergarten activities is our Spring Egg Hunt!  We usually coincide this hunt with Easter and our oviparous animal studies but you could certainly do it at any time of the year with those left over plastic eggs! 

I ask each of my students to bring in 1 dozen plastic eggs.  I like them pre-filled and taped shut (less work for me!).  I encourage my kiddos to fill the eggs with small, cheap trinkets, coins, etc.  It does not necessarily have to be candy! As I receive the eggs from each student I number them and collect them in a big bucket.  Number them?  Yes I do!  At this point in the year we are learning to skip count by 2's.  So...I usually number everyone's eggs, skip counting from 0-20.  This only uses 11 eggs so I set aside the 12th egg in case I have students who do not bring any in.  Everyone's extras will give me at least one complete extra set.  I number the eggs myself so that they are all legible and written correctly.  It is important to note that all of these eggs are combined together so the likelihood of a child finding any/all of those 12 eggs that they originally brought in is slim.  Everyone will get 11 eggs...just a mod-podge of eggs from different classmates.  You could differentiate this activity by asking some students to find the odd numbered eggs.  This also works well if you have kids with allergies and you want to make sure you are in control of which eggs they are finding!

Once all of the eggs have been collecting and numbered, we get 5th grade student ambassadors to "hide" them in our field by the playground.  Then armed with their clipboard (optional), pencil, basket or bucket from home and their checklist (download below) we set out to find those eggs!

Here's my favorite part.  This is not your typical mad dash for eggs!  Everyone is specifically looking for one of each number to add to their basket and check off on their handout.  That means this event does not end up being a mad grab and dash like some traditional egg hunts.  Actually, I'm always quite amazed at how hard the kids concentrate to find their eggs!  Once they have checked off each of their numbers, I ask my students to find a spot to sit down and put those eggs in number order.  More math! :)
This turns out to be a big hit each year!  I'm happy because I'm able to incorporate academics into a seasonal activity and the kids are happy because they have a blast!

I hope this is something you will be able to do with your kiddos as well.  Download the checklists for FREE by clicking {here} or the image below. Don't forget to leave me a comment letting me know what you think.  ;)
My class will be having their egg hunt on Thursday of next week after we finish up these stations!


  1. Thank you for sharing such a terrific idea. I will be planning a "math" egg hunt next year! Since I teach Pre-K, the students will find eggs 1-10 and put them in order after checking them off the list. I have also passed along your idea to my fellow Pre-K teachers! Thanks again!

  2. I LOVE this idea!! I hope to do this, this year, thanks!


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