Sunday, March 29, 2015

Old Lady Swallowed a Chick {Free Roll and Cover games} Spring!  I just finished this month's Roll and Cover games to go along with the Old Lady book series!  Download all 3 versions of the game {here}: rolling 1 die, finding the sum of 2 dice, finding the sum of 3 dice.  My kiddos love playing these games independently or with a partner.  We usually use two-sided counters for partner play.  However, this month I'm going to let me kiddos use those adorable seasonal erasers from Target's Dollar Spot.  Love those little chicks, bunnies and carrots!
 If you are looking for the book make sure and visit the link below:

I have Roll and Cover games for most all of the books in this series.  Make sure and check out the "Free Roll and Cover Game" section of my Tpt store!

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