Thursday, April 30, 2015

May? Really? Morning Messages are ready!

I can not believe it is May already!  Where has this year gone??? Only 16 school days left for me! 
I wrapped up May's morning messages this evening.  Check out a few of the messages and details about the skills covered below.

(I will be making a June/July combo pack for those of you who are in school past May!  Look for it towards the end of May.)

Topics covered this month include:

Plot (Beginning, middle, end)
Story comprehension
Identifying/Producing rhyming words
Cloze sentences
Beginning sounds/blends/digraphs
Beginning/Ending digraph -th
Ending sounds
Medial sounds
Stretching out CVC words
Stretching out CVCe words
Stretching out CCVC words
Substituting sounds to make new words
Blending/Reading words
short vowel words: a, e, i, o, u
Sight words: of, to, out, love, does, come, my, get, play, here, what, will, from, there, that, said, was, may
Action Verbs
Prepositions/positional words
Compound words
Identifying/writing numbers 0-30
Making 10
Decomposing/base 10
Representing numbers/number sentences
Orally counting to 100
Skip counting by 2's
Numbers before, in between, after
Tally marks
Place value (tens, ones)
Addition/Subtraction to 10
Addition word problem
Subtraction word problem
Fact fluency to 5
Days of the week
Months of the year
Calendar skills- writing the date
Predicting/ Drawing Conclusions
Sentence Order
Editing spelling/punctuation marks
Asking questions/question words
Multiple meaning words
Writing a story
Identifying what does not belong
Life cycles
Cinco de Mayo
Mother's Day

There are also messages that correlate with the following books:
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog
Cinco de Mouse-O!
The Pout-Pout Fish
any May-themed book, Insects, Spring, Frogs

Grab your May Morning Messages {here}. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It was a WORM kind of day...

There's nothing like kick-starting your Earth Day study with a few Earthworms! We researched, explored and wrote about them today.  When we were finished, we released those squirmy worms into our school flower beds!

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Don't you love kindergarten writing? :)
I let my students free-write a fiction story this afternoon about their imaginary pet worm.

Top: I would name my worm Ros. I would put my worm in a bucket full of dirt when it's spring.  I would put my worm in the dirt.

Bottom: Once upon a time a little girl named Whitney had a little worm named Lucy.  Whitney liked Lucy because Lucy was an Earth helper.  White gives garbage to Lucy.

Weekly Reader usually has great informational text about worms in their spring "Let's Find Out" magazines.  I laminated the big issue of the Earth's Helpers one from a few years ago.  You can find the March 2015 "Springtime in the Soil" flyer online for free right now at Scholastic News {here}.  You can download and print or project it on your Smartboard. 

I also love, love, love the Curious George Goes Green DVD!  It has some wonderful episodes about seeds, worms and compost!  Check out these great read alouds too!

In case you missed this a few years ago....make sure to stop by First Grade Blue Skies to grab her free worm day pack! It has a great collection of facts included in it as well as some graphic organizers! :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Simple Plant Project {labeling parts}

We have started one of my favorite Science units....plants!  After learning about the different parts of a plant, my students put their knowledge to good use with this art project.
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Here's what we used:  blue construction paper for the background, 1/3 brown construction paper for the soil, snippets of brown yarn for the roots, half of a green chenille stick for the stem, free-drawn leaves on green felt, bold colored cupcake liners for the flowers, sunflower seeds for the center of the flower.

After assembling their plant, I asked my students to cut and paste these labels to complete their project.  Grab the labels here if you can use them!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Suprise Announcement with a Earth Day Freebie!

Today is the grand opening of Educents Storefront Marketplace!!  For a while now Educents has been offering amazing daily you can get fabulous products all day, everyday!
I'm featuring a brand new FREEBIE that you can grab in my brand new Educents storefront!  It is a 10 page, Earth Day-themed, small group game that practices subtraction fact fluency.  Click {HERE} or on an image to head to my Educents storefront.  Earth Day POOF is listed at the bottom of the page (it was my most recent addition!).
Educents is offering a giveaway right now too!
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I will steadily be adding more and more products to my store so make sure to check back soon. ;)

Make sure to visit the kindergarten sites below to download more free products! :)