Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It was a WORM kind of day...

There's nothing like kick-starting your Earth Day study with a few Earthworms! We researched, explored and wrote about them today.  When we were finished, we released those squirmy worms into our school flower beds!

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Don't you love kindergarten writing? :)
I let my students free-write a fiction story this afternoon about their imaginary pet worm.

Top: I would name my worm Ros. I would put my worm in a bucket full of dirt when it's spring.  I would put my worm in the dirt.

Bottom: Once upon a time a little girl named Whitney had a little worm named Lucy.  Whitney liked Lucy because Lucy was an Earth helper.  White gives garbage to Lucy.

Weekly Reader usually has great informational text about worms in their spring "Let's Find Out" magazines.  I laminated the big issue of the Earth's Helpers one from a few years ago.  You can find the March 2015 "Springtime in the Soil" flyer online for free right now at Scholastic News {here}.  You can download and print or project it on your Smartboard. 

I also love, love, love the Curious George Goes Green DVD!  It has some wonderful episodes about seeds, worms and compost!  Check out these great read alouds too!

In case you missed this a few years ago....make sure to stop by First Grade Blue Skies to grab her free worm day pack! It has a great collection of facts included in it as well as some graphic organizers! :)

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  1. Hi Mary, wow, It looks like a fun place to be in your classroom. I love your colage templates you use to make your learning stories so pretty! What programme do u use?


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