Monday, July 27, 2015

Math Strategies (Linky Week 4}

Swamp Frogs It's time for week 4 of our linky series all about number sense!  Heidi with Mrs. Samuelson's Swamp Frogs is hosting this week so stop by and read her ideas {here}.

Week 4: Discuss Strategies

It's important to have class discussions about the strategies used for solving problems.  Students need to know that it is ok to solve a problem in more than one way and feel confident in using multiple strategies for solving. 

One of the first examples that pops into my head is working a word problem.  The word problem may clearly call for a subtraction number sentence.  However...I love it when my kids figure out they can also solve backwards with addition.  Or use part-part-whole and number bonds! When we come across word problems during our morning messages, I love to let my kids come up to the white board and illustrate different ways of solving the problem.  It is really beneficial for my students to verbalize their thinking as they explain it to others.  It is helpful for those in the audience too who may or may not have thought to solve that way!
  • Students need to be able to explain their thinking
  • Explaining their reasoning gives insight into what's going on inside their little brains!
  • This helps children cement their ideas and re-evaluate them if needed
  • Math talk questioning stems can help facilitate math language between learners until it becomes more natural in their partner discussions

Visible Thinking Strategy: What Makes You Say That?

Pretty self-explanatory! :)  It's amazing the answers your children will give you when you ask them this question.  Sometimes it's pretty eye-opening!  I make it a point to ask this question multiple times a day (even if I think I already know the answer!).

Mathematical Practice Standards
A few years ago I created a kid-friendly version of the Mathematical Practice Standards to use in my classroom.  Each card is related to a community helper to help make it easier for my students to identify with.  These are posted in a pocket chart in my room and we refer to them often (this really helps build our math language!).  You can grab them in my store for FREE by clicking on the pic or {here}.

Higher Order Thinking Math Tasks

Have you seen Susan Moran's (T.G.I.F.! Thank God It's First Grade) Higher Order Thinking Math Tasks??? I LOVE these!  They are listed for 1st and 2nd but they make for great whole group discussion or small group tasks with my kinders.  Check out her blog post {here} for more info and tell her Mrs. Lirette sent you! ;)

Connections with Literature

Here are a few book suggestions that encourage math discussion of strategies.

Make sure to check back for week 5 on estimation! :)

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