Sunday, August 2, 2015

Estimation! {Math Linky Week 5}

First Grade Blue SkiesEstimation is the topic for week 5 of our linky series all about number sense!  Jennifer with First Grade Blue Skies is hosting this week so stop by and read her ideas {here}.

Here are a few ideas on how to use estimation in your classroom:

Week 5: Estimation

Estimation should be embedded into problem solving.  Discussing real-world problems, like which checkout line to get in at the grocery store, helps students understand the importance of estimation in everyday life.  It is something that is easily incorporated into morning meeting or math tasks.  There's nothing wrong with incorporating a little seasonal fun with your estimation too.  :)

    Visible Thinking Routine: Chalk Talk

    Place butcher paper or something similar in different areas of the room.  Allow students to walk from paper to paper with a marker and add their ideas, observations, thoughts and questions to the paper.  You could brainstorm items that might weigh the same as an elephant, a feather, etc.

    Visible Thinking Routine: Tug of War

    Have your students participate in a tug of war debate such as Do we estimate the total to be closer to 100 or 1000?  Students can divide up into sides of the classroom depending on what they estimate to be true.  Let your kiddos argue and defend their position while they try and convince their classmates to come to their side of the classroom.

    Estimation Online Game
    PBS Kids- Curious George

    Guesstimate Game

    Divide your class into groups of 3.  Have 2 of the students place a sticky note on their back or forehead with a number on it.  Have the 3rd student tell the sum of the 2 numbers and see if the students can guess their hidden number (practice for missing addends too!).

    You could also do this with one student who has a number on his/her back.  Have the class give clues using "Math Talk" and allow the student to ask questions to help figure out the secret number.

    Sid the Science Kid "My Best Guess" Song

    Count Around the Circle

    Decide on how you will count around the circle (i.e., skip counting by 5's) and let students estimate what number the last person will say.

    Connections with Literature

    Here are a few book suggestions that encourage math discussion of strategies.

    Make sure to check back for week 6 on reasoning strategies! :)

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