Friday, August 28, 2015

Letters Alive! Augmented Reality Awesomeness

I've been playing around with a really cool kit over the last few weeks and I want to share it with you!  I ran into CEO and "Chief Zoo Keeper" Cynthia Kaye in Vegas over the summer and she spent about 30 minutes introducing me to Alive Studios and their augmented reality awesomeness.  Honest first impression?  I told my husband "I've got flashcards and teach my kids letters everyday. What's the big deal?" Then she put the card (I think it was the elephant!) under the camera and it came to life.  Like 3D without the glasses kind of life.  Mind blown. 
She sent me the Letters Alive, Storybook Alive AND Math Alive kits to use in my classroom and I've been obsessed with them ever since!  My own child, my husband, my new kinders, my kindergarten team and all 3 of my administrators have been my guinea pigs as I work my way through all of the amazing technology.

I had my friend and co-worker video me this afternoon so I could show some of the cool tricks of the Letters Alive kit.  It's Friday afternoon and my voice is almost gone so no judgment.  :)

Seriously.  Can you see why I've been so excited about this?
  • It's a supplement to your reading curriculum
  • It's engaging
  • It involves multiple modalities to reach a variety of learners
  • It's Common Core aligned
There are many more videos of Letters Alive in action that you can view on the Alive Studios website {here}.  Make sure to explore their site for more information.

I can't wait to start using the letters and sight words in my small groups.  I have some ESL students that I know are REALLY going to benefit from this program this year.   I will document our progress! :)


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