Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Letters Alive: Student Led!

If you haven't heard of Letters Alive you better check out my previous post {here}.  It's awesome!!  It is an augmented reality program that brings the letters to life for your students. is now available on Donors Choose!
Confession.  I'm a teacher which means I LOVE control.  I was initially reluctant to let my students take a turn with the letter cards.  Not because I didn't want them to enjoy the interactive part but because I was nervous about them placing the cards in the right spot or knocking the camera over.  I took my time introducing them to the letter cards and the the colors and eventually began calling on them to lead our exploration time.  I will now admit that my students are far more successful with Letters Alive than I am.  For real.  Here's one of my kindergarten students leading the class on some sentence building.  You will hear the rest of the class chanting different colors for him to use.  He ultimately chooses brown, which makes the toucan change color.  It's hard to see on my screen through the camera but you can tell by the oohs and aahs when it happens.
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Pretty cool, huh?  As I get more and more comfortable with augmented reality I am letting my students take the helm with this.  It is absolutely amazing how they just know how to turn the cards to make things come alive.  I look forward to what else my students can teach me with this program.  :)

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  1. My son attended his school for 3 years. He started in the 2 year old class room and stayed until last year when he was ready for kindergarten. I was pleased with what the Phoenix pre-k had to offer.


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