Wednesday, January 27, 2016

LOVING these Morning Messages!

I use my morning messages every single day.  LOVE!  It has made my mornings run smoother and I know that even if I pick a random message for the day it will still be packed full of learning.  Here are a few screenshots of February's morning messages:
 I realize there are only 28 days in February and that not all 28 of those are school days.  However, this pack includes 34 messages so you can pick and choose which ones to use this month.  As always, I've included a few messages that correlate with seasonal books.  This month I have messages for:

Check out the description on TpT to see the list of 30+ skills covered this month.  The themes include: Valentine's Day, Groundhog's Day, Presidents (Washington and Lincoln), Martin Luther King, Jr., Chinese New Year, Dental

Like with previous months I've included 2 greetings for each message as well as a color and black and white copy for each.  You download a zip file with all 4 documents inside the folder.

I have created Meaningful Morning Messages for each month of the year.  I use an old overhead projector to project the messages on to my white board so that my students can write directly on the board each morning.  It's easy for me....I just pick a transparency and place it on the projector...and it is easy for my kids to write on and wipe off.  Do you have to use an overhead?  Absolutely not! I do because it works for me in my classroom space.  You could also project them on a Smartboard, with a document camera, print and laminate them, etc.

February messages are also included in the 2nd Semester Bundle.  Check it out by clicking the image.

Happy (almost) February!

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