Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bringing the Presidents to Life {Tech Style!}

With George & Abe's birthdays AND President's Day in the month of February we have spent a great deal of time learning about our 1st and 16th presidents.  We wanted to showcase our presidential knowledge in a fun way!  Have you ever used ChatterPix?  It's a user-friendly app that allows you to create talking pictures.  There are several apps like this available but my kids seem to really like this one. I love it too (except that it bugs me that you can't make a curved mouth line...).  You can find out more info on it {here}.

I LOVE, LOVE, PUFFY HEART LOVE my friend Jennifer's Directed Drawings.  You can visit her store to check out her whole set {here} or visit her blog, First Grade Blue Skies,  to see her directed drawing posts.  We used her George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as our artwork in our project.

After finishing the artwork, we used ChatterPix to bring our art to life and record a few facts.  I let my students choose either George or Abe to present on first.  If time allowed, they were able to create a second ChatterPix with the other president.  This was completely student-led.  I tried my best not to interject any information or thoughts.  I wanted to see what exactly stuck during our studies.  Apparently I have talked a lot about George and Abe's love of animals.  :)

I wanted to kick our project up a notch so I uploaded the ChatterPix videos into YouTube, then converted them to QR Codes.  We glued the QR Code to the front of the pictures so now anyone who walks down the hall with a device can scan the code (using a free QR code reader from the app store) and see our artwork come to life.  You can view my kiddos' independent projects below.  We are still working on projecting our voice, speaking clearly into the microphone and adding detail to our thoughts.  I am so proud of their hard work!

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  1. Aww, those are precious!! You''re the sweetest!
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