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My Week: Read Across America Ideas & Freebies!

Next week is the first week of March!  That means it is time for celebrating Read Across America and a certain favorite author! As I plan for the week I have been looking back at what I have done in years past.  Here is a collection of Seuss stuff!

Monday will be all about that cat in the hat.  Usually I transform myself into Thing 1.  A parent made me this shirt a few years ago and I still wear it every year!

We will read the book, watch the cartoon version of The Cat and the Hat and make these yummy red and white parfaits for lunch.  (layer strawberries and cool whip)

These were a huge hit last year so I will plan on trying to work them in this week at some point!

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On Tuesday we will read Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss.  Love that story!  We will be making this adorable craft again to go with it:
After the plate is colored gray and the ears are traced on to construction paper, add details to the face and cut a hole in the center of the plate for the trunk.  We use a gray sock on our hand/arm (from a pack in the men's department) for the trunk.  Then we wrap a pipe cleaner around a large pom-pom to resemble the "clover" that Horton places the "speck" on.  The speck is a mini pom-pom that we glue on top.  Voila! Horton and his speck in less than 30 minutes! :)

Here are some whimsically fun and FREE math activities for the week!

You can grab both of the number sense activities for free by clicking here or the image below.  I hope you enjoy it!
Make sure to grab this Seusstacular Roll and Cover {Free} and my It's Time for You Know Who telling time activity too!
My kids and I will be dressed mismatched and wacky on Wednesday as we read Wacky Wednesday.  I have pinned a few ideas I found for this day on my March/April board.
Thursday is all about the oobleck.  No celebration would be complete without a little messiness, right?  We will read Bartholomew and the Oobleck and then make our own version of the ooey-gooey stuff.  We make enough so that each student is able to experiment with their own bowl-full and then can take it home so that their parents and siblings could share in the fun too.  :)


Friday we will do our annual Green Eggs and Ham. Anyone ever watch Tim Tebow reading Green Eggs and Ham? I also like to show the cartoon version of Green Eggs and Ham too.  I usually put this on as I'm cooking.

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When I taught 2nd I tried to do some different activities from what my kids had done the previous years in kindergarten and 1st so we made {Pinterest-inspired} green eggs, dessert style.  Yum!  It was quick and simple and we were able to work in a measurement mini lesson too while we mixed the ingredients!  We made vanilla pudding, turned it green, and added a vanilla wafer to the middle as the "yoke" of the egg.  Oh, and we added some sprinkles for fun.
This set of stations is perfect for the week!  Each station includes an "I Can" and 1-2 reproducibles to go along with the station activity.  Here are some pictures of everything included.  {FREEBIE at the end!}

You can get all 7 of these stations right here!
 I'm offering one of these stations for FREE {here}.  I hope you like it! :)

Lastly, if we have time we will make A Cupcake for the Teacher's adorable birthday craftivity. Click on her picture of the activity to grab your own copy.  Her craftivities are always so much fun!

I hope you have a Seusstastic Week! :)

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