Sunday, April 3, 2016

Got Eggs? Let's Skip Count!

I realize that Easter is over but we are still using plastic eggs in my room! There are just too many ways to utilize them in the classroom!  Last Thursday we conducted a small-scaled egg hunt inside the class during math time.  Common Core asks that our kindergartners be able to fluently count by ones and tens so I wanted to give my students a fun way to skip count (and sequence!). I revised the "Find Those Eggs!" freebie to include a skip counting by 10 checklist.  It still has the even/odd pages for those that can use it!  I asked for donations of leftover eggs and received exactly 200 eggs!  Perfect for 20 sets of 10-100!  I spent about 30 minutes numbering the eggs and then scattered them around the room.  No baskets this year....I just gave my students a Ziploc bag and the checklist and had them search for each one of the numbers 10, 20, 30....100.  It's amazing how quiet they are as they concentrate to find those specific eggs! 
Once they collected all 10 of their eggs I asked them to sequence the numbers in order.  This little fellow asked if he could arrange his eggs in a circle instead of a line.  LOVE it! Another Common Core skill that took this activity to a new level.  Thanks to him my future kinders will be sequencing their eggs for me in more than one way! :)

Download the checklists for FREE by clicking {here} or the image below.

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